Why not create something these school holidays?

I was very happy to receive this great photo of Tom and his balloon drag racer that he made yesterday. He found it in one of the books from our popular arts and crafts section of the library, The Boys Book of Things to Make, and got straight to work. Thank you to Tom’s Mum for sending this lovely photo through, its great to see our books being used to good effect.

I am always delighted to receive photos of our books in action, either for making or baking something or simply being read for pleasure. Send through to beaconsfieldlibrary@icloud.com if you would be happy to share.

I did a very quick search online and found these few websites for you to look at if you are feeling inspired to get creative these holidays.



80+ DIY Toys to Make


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Brilliant Books to Read Together

In these You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You books, traditional tales have been transformed into little mini plays which children can read together or with a parent or teacher.

I’m the Princess!
I’m the Pea!
Look at me!
No, look at me!
Pea, you made me
black and blue
I am flat
Because of you

Each story gives an alternative take on the original, with both readers joining together at the end. “The Very Short Fairy Tales – in which wolves are tamed, trolls are transformed and peas are triumphant.”

These books give children the chance to read aloud which is great for beginning readers to hear the words spoken and recognise rhyme and rhythm to build fluency, but also to build confidence in older readers, for whom reading aloud can be a terrifying prospect. Today Room 3 read them as a whole group, with the boys being Peter Pumpkin Eater and the girls his wife. These are just really good fun for a wide variety of ages and can be borrowed or reserved from the school library.


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Wishing you a Gloriumptious Roald Dahl Day!

dahl-dayToday it is 100 years since the birth of one of the most celebrated children’s authors of all time, Roald Dahl. We love Roald Dahl books at Beaconsfield and they are so enjoyable that we can read them over and over again until we are really quite old! Even I still enjoy reading them and I’m really old!

Here are some cool Dream Jars that Room 3 created. They thought about either dreams that they had had before or dreams they would like to have. Check out Lochie’s big panda hug, Lachlan jumping from building to building, Lucy’s most golden labrador puppies and yes, even Caleb’s snot rocket!

Roald Dahl died in 1990 however we are lucky that he was quite sociable and gave some interviews, as have members of his family and these give an insight into this great writer. Here you can find some interesting clips about him collated by the BBC.


Click on this picture of Danny (from Danny Champion of the World, my favourite Roald Dahl book) to go to the official Roald Dahl website for more information about the author and his books.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Some of our Room 4 book club students are reading Brian Selznick’s books this term and we are LOVING them! Brian has used his incredible gift for drawing to write a story which moves swiftly along using both words and pictures, so much so that even the most reluctant reader can enjoy how easily they can advance through the story.

People reviewing this book use words such as spellbinding, artful, stunning and describe the book as a true masterpiece. The year 5/6 students and I reading this book completely agree. The story follows a young boy living behind the scenes at a Paris train station who becomes obsessed with a mechanical man that his father rescued from a burning building. The plot uncovers some details about the life of one of the earliest film makers, Georges Melies, and here you can see some of the very first cinema film that the book refers to.

Wonderstruck is another fabulous creation, this time following two separate stories throughout the book in the same amazing style of words and pictures. Click here to find a short video clip of the author introducing his book.

Because we are loving these books so much we will be buying Marvels for the library this term with some of the proceeds from the Book Fair. We very much look forward to reading it!

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Fabulous outfits at Dress Up Day for Book Week

AWESOME outfits everybody for Dress Up day today!!!! We loved the effort that everybody went to to make a wonderful day for Book Week. Mr Brown will be putting more photos up on Facebook. Here’s one more of a vey camera shy Frog Prince


Thanks to the very generous support of our parents at Beaconsfield the Book Fair is going well and will result in some great new books for the library. There is one more chance to get your name in the draw for the Blog prize:

Wednesday’s Question

Tell us a book you have read recently that you have enjoyed and think others would like to read. Easy question!

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Book Fair Mania hits Beaconsfield!

It was hugs and high fives all round for students today as Geronimo Stilton returned to help show off the Book Fair. There are some lovely new books to look at and, if you are lucky, to buy! Most of the books we saw in the brochures are here – the new Minecraft book will arrive by Wednesday so if you were disappointed not to see it today don’t worry, you can buy these and get your copies by the end of the week.

Don’t forget to comment on the question below to be in the draw for a voucher to spend at the book fair.

Tuesday’s Question

On one of the pages on the main menu there are a number of links to websites that are all about BOOKS!!! Tell me one of Mem Fox’s 10 Read-Aloud Commandments!
(Hint: Look at the tabs that go across this page under the main photo to go to the Books page. Scroll down to find Mem Fox!)

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The Book Fair is here this week!!



Remember this visitor we had last year at the Book Fair? We will have to wait and see who we have visiting us this year!

There will be a dress up day on Wednesday to celebrate Book Week and there will be prizes from the Book Fair for our favourites. Students can come and look at the books from Tuesday to Thursday and we will be open during the parent-teacher conferences from 3-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday night. On Wednesday and Thursday we will be open from 8.30am.

There are other chances to win prizes if you read these blog posts, answer the question and place your answer with your first name, last initial and room number in the comments box. The answers can all be found here on the Library Blog and it’s up to you to have a look around the blog to find them! Correct answers will be published in the comments next day and a new question posted for more chances – enter every day for more entries in the draw!

Monday’s Question

Name one of the blogs that we follow.
(Hint – look to the right of the page, you can see them there! Click on them to have a look, these people review great books that you might like to read)

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Room 5 Book Clubbers review their Term 2 books

Room 5 June 2016

All of these books are available from the school library. The Book Clubbers were asked the following questions to try to help them explain how they felt about the books they read in term 2. Find out what they thought and, if you like the sound of them, all of these books are available from the school (and town) library.
Describe briefly what your book is about – where is it set and what is happening?
What did this book make you think about and could you imagine yourself in the position of the main characters? What questions did it raise for you?
Explain why you enjoyed the book or not. Who would you recommend this book to?

Ronnie’s War – Oliver’s Review
Ronnie’s dad is in the war and his neighbourhood is being bombed by the Germans. Ronnie is sent to a foster home.
I could imagine myself in this situation and I would be terrified.
I liked this book because it has a good setting and great characters. I would recommend this book to year 7 and 8s.

Ronnie’s War – Ethan’s Review
Ronnie’s dad is at war and he is being moved to a new school and home.
I would not like to be in his position.
It was an alright book, probably not the kind of book I would normally choose.

Once – Isabel’s Review
An 8 year old boy runs away from an orphanage to find his parents but the Nazis are killing the Jews and he is with a friend going to a death camp.
I wanted to know how the Nazis knew if someone was Jewish or not.
I would recommend this book to all year 7 and 8s.

Now – Amy’s Review
This book is about Zelda and her Grandad Felix that has been through the war. Felix had a friend called Zelda that got killed in the war. The book is set in Australia.
This book made me think about all the innocent people that got captured and killed by Nazis. If I was in Felix’s position I would be scared.
I wondered why did the Nazis kill the Jewish people?
I really enjoyed this book because it is quite detailed. I would recommend this book to people who like reading about the war and detailed books.

Now – Sophie’s Review
Felix tells his granddaughter Zelda how scary his childhood was. Felix told Zelda that he had a best friend called Zelda. There is a huge fire and it ruins the town. Zelda helps people to survive.
If I was him or her I would be scared and worried and miss my family.
I really liked this book. I think anyone who has read all of the Once and Then books should read it. Year 7 and 8 students would like it.

The boy at the top of the mountain – Emilie’s Review
In Paris a little boy named Pierrot has a father who went to war and had drinking problems and abused his wife and left them. His mother gets sick and passes away and so Pierrot goes to live with his aunt in Hitler’s mountain residence.
This book has many different emotions. In it there are lots of sad parts but some parts are happy. This book definitely had me thinking about if I was in this little boy’s position.
I would recommend this book to people who like reading about the war and history. This book is more for seniors and people who like books about history.

A time for war – Adam’s Review
Some people have been made to go to war.
I would be scared if I was the main character.
I would recommend this book to people who like action books.

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Opportunities to vote for your favourite books

NZ book awards logo

Do you remember that we voted for our favourite books for the Children’s Choice? Some of our favourites made it to the shortlist – although not all of them surprisingly. Peace Warriors did not make the cut and that featured in the top 3 of every class that voted.

ANZAC Heroes, First to the Top and Being Magdeline did make it and you can now go online and have your say about which books win the Children’s Choice Award in each category. And no, adults are not allowed to vote so this one is just down to you!!!!

Voting is now closed. Finalists can be found here.


Here is another chance to have your say and even better you could even win some vouchers! This time you can vote for any books you like, your absolute favourites and again, this is just for children. Take the time to think about which books have really made a difference to you. Click here to vote. You have until 21st August.


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Room 4 Book Club discover Anne Frank’s Secret Annexe

After following several characters through World War 2 our discussions turned to Anne Frank, whose diary published in 1947 became a world renowned account of a Jewish family protected and hidden from Nazi occupiers by brave Amsterdam residents. Some of our students are now reading her diary and today we watched a video on the Anne Frank website which explains the background to Anne’s diary.

Anne Frank house tour

This site is full of photos, videos and information, and if you scroll down that page you will find a really interesting tour through the entire house with the narrative being from Anne’s own diary entries. You can also click on this photo here. This may not work on an IPad, a PC will work better.

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