Library Policy

We support our school’s mission of “Learning today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

Borrowing procedures in our Library

Borrowing guidelines – who can borrow, how many items and for how long?

  • Staff – unlimited number of items for 4 weeks. – should other teachers require items for a school wide topic then teachers are asked to return items not being used / be fair in the length of time taking book – for browsing books it is recommended items are changed every 4 weeks to offer a variety to students
  • Students – 3 items for two weeks – students who consistently return books on time and would like to borrow more, may borrow up to 5 books. – students who consistently have books overdue will be allowed to issue one book in addition to the overdue items but it must remain at school until the overdue items are returned. – students who reach the maximum of five books including overdue items will not be allowed to take more books home. – one magazine may be borrowed. Should a magazine be lost then no further magazines may be borrow in that school year. – Junior students may not borrow items from the senior collection.
  • Senior students – in rooms 4 and 5, years 5-8 – may borrow items from the senior fiction area – some items in the senior fiction area are only suitable for years 7-8 and may be borrowed by students in year 5-6 at the librarian’s discretion.

Overdue and lost books

  • Books may be renewed if they have not been reserved by another student.
  • Overdue slips are sent home approximately twice per term and these detail all items that are overdue.
  • When a book has been overdue for over 4 weeks, a letter will be sent home to parents asking for their assistance in finding the book.
  • When a book has been overdue for 6 weeks, a quote for the replacement cost of the book will be sent to the parent and the parents asked to pay to replace the book. The book will be written off and replaced if applicable.


  • Books may be reserved if they are already on loan. If a student wishes to borrow an item that is in the library then they can either wait for the librarian to be present or ask another teacher / student librarian to issue it for them. Books cannot be reserved that are not on loan or on hold.
  • Books can be reserved on the online catalogue or by asking the librarian to do this at the issue desk.
  • When an item that has been reserved is returned, this will be kept on hold in the library until the book is borrowed by the person reserving it for up to two weeks. If the book is not taken in that time then it will be returned to the shelf and the reservation cancelled.

Library Collection : Guiding statement 

Beaconsfield School Library Collection: guiding statement 

  1. Rationale

Beaconsfield School Library supports our students in developing key competencies across all learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. To achieve this goal, it purchases, provides access to, and curates, a wide range of high quality, up-to-date resources – digital, audio-visual and print. The library also strives to meet the reading needs and interests of students who range in age, ability and cultural background.

  1. Purposes

            We select resources to:

  • support and enrich the educational programmes of the school
  • support inquiry learning and the development of 21st century multi-literacies
  • provide access to a wide variety of information sources via print publications and online resources
  • inspire a reading culture throughout all levels of our school
  • meet and extend the students’ recreational needs and interests
  • provide information on opposing sides of controversial issues and different points of view
  • promote the school’s goals on equity, gender, biculturalism and multi-culturalism
  • foster an awareness and knowledge of the cultural and heritage of New Zealand and of other countries
  1. Guidelines 

3.1       Responsibility for selection

The Librarian has overall responsibility for selecting and buying resources for the collection. They actively consult classroom teachers, and seek input from students. Resources are selected according to identified needs and gaps in the collection. 

3.2       Selection of school library resources

  • Selection criteria are outlined in the guide: Selecting resources for your library. A copy is kept in our School Library Handbook.
  • Procedures for selecting and acquiring resources are outlined in our School Library Handbook.
  • We undertake to buy New Zealand publications that meet the selection criteria.

3.3       Guidelines on accepting donations

The library will accept donated resources that meet the selection criteria, and will withdraw them in the same way as other library resources.
We ensure that donors are made aware that in giving the material to the school they relinquish ownership of the item/s.

3.4       Processing, mending and weeding policy

  • Processing extends the life of resources and will be completed before we make new items available for use.
  • Mending is costly in terms of time and Extensive mending will only be undertaken if replacement of the item is not possible and it meets current selection criteria.
  • Weeding is an ongoing process of:
    • Removing from the collection items that are worn out, damaged, or no longer meet our selection criteria
    • removing from the catalogue, digital resources with broken links or that are no longer relevant
  • The Librarian weeds the collection in consultation with classroom teachers, using the criteria in Weeding our library collection.
  • Weeded material will be disposed of permanently.

3.5       Challenged resources: procedure for responding to complaints about a specific library resource.

Beaconsfield School maintains that only parents or legal guardians have the right and the responsibility to restrict the access of their children to library resources, and should advise their children accordingly. School staff are unable to take responsibility for restricting individual students from accessing specific resources held by the school library.

Some items in the collection for senior students, deemed unsuitable for younger students due to their content, may be restricted at the discretion of the Librarian. Any objections to this may be taken up with the Principal.

Where a complaint against a specific library resource cannot be resolved through informal discussion, we will take the following steps:

  • Key members of staff will be notified and the item made available to them to review.
  • Advice will be sought from the National Library (0800 LIB LINE: 0800 542 5463)
  • The complainant may be invited to complete the Challenged resources complaint form [print a copy from the link below of you can ask for one at the library.]


The complainant may also be referred to:

The school will adhere to the copyright law as it relates to school library resources.

  •  Reviewing this Guiding Statement

This statement will be evaluated regularly and updated where necessary.



  1. Conclusion

The library collection will provide our school community with contemporary resources that provide opportunities for both learning and recreational reading.



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