Hot topic – Science

Here you will find some links to helpful websites about various science topics.


Click here for a livebinder which is a collection of websites that have interesting articles and videos on the topic of how the earth is changing through time.


At school you can click on this picture above and it will take you to the Britannica School database. Here you can search for your topic to find articles, videos, more great website links and more. There are some great images you can save to add to your presentations to make them look really interesting. If you would like to access this from home, just ask Mrs Bamber or your teacher for the passwords.

infobitsIf you click on this link at school this will take you to a database called Kids Info Bits, and again you can search this huge database full of information on all kinds of science topics.

science_in_context This is the link for the Gale database Science in Context, full of journal articles and images that you may find helpful and at a higher level for more detailed research.

Science-fair This image links you to the National Library High Interest Topics page for Science Fair and contains links to many ideas and tips for making your science fair project successful.

I particularly like this link here which contains a short questionnaire to find out what you are interested in and then gives you some ideas based on your answers. You don’t have to do the exact topics they suggest but it might give you something to work on.