Book Club visits to Timaru District Library

At the start of this term our senior room book clubs took a trip to the Children’s and Teen’s library in Timaru to find some great books to recommend for others to read and potentially for us to buy for the school library. There is an extensive collection at these libraries and we had the great help of Children’s Librarian Jade whose vast knowledge gave us the impression she had read every book in there!

Here are some of the books that our readers recommend:

Hamish (9) loved the Willard Price Adventure Series by Anthony Horowitz. He read Tiger Adventure in which Roger and Hal are trying to catch animals to send to zoos. There are many books in the Willard Price series and Hamish is keen to read more because they are about animals and are exciting. He recommends them for year 4 and up. We currently have Arctic Adventure at school and will hopefully buy more of them.

Leo (10) started reading the Rangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan. These are about a boy who lives in kingdom where he wants to get into battle school and has to learn lots of new skills such as fighting and hunting. Leo found it really exciting and kept reading because he wanted to know what happened. He recommends this series for boys and girls in years 4-8.

Max (10) read The Impossible Quest by Kate Forsyth. “There are two girls and two boys and the two boys don’t get along. They are on a quest to find creatures and are being chased by an evil army”. Max loved the adventure and running and thinks students in years 3 and up will enjoy them.

Kelsey-Anne (10) enjoyed reading Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Mah and wanted to find a book by the same author which delved deeper into Chinese history. China: Land of emperors and dragons fitted the brief perfectly. Kelsey-Anne enjoyed the quite graphic nature of the descriptions and found the development of the different dynasties very interesting. She recommends this book to age 10+.

Lucy Devries (11) enjoyed the theme of World War 2 which Book Club focused on earlier this year and found a great book to further her interest. The autobiographical No Pretty Pictures tells the childhood stories of artist and designer Anita Lobel who was a little girl living in Poland when the war began. Lucy found it to be a sad story but kept reading because she wanted to find out how they managed to survive through the hard war years. Lucy thinks girls and boys of age 11+ who enjoy reading war survival stories would enjoy this book.

Zoe (11) really enjoyed a teen quick read called Under Attack by Jim Eldridge. He has written some great adventure books about soldiers and wartime and this one is part of a series which they have at the library. “The main characters have to save a little girl and boy who have been shot”. Zoe loved the detail and description about what was happening and thinks these books are suitable for year 3 up.

Jasmine Blissett (12) recommends the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield which the Timaru Teen section has in its collection. “In this book you are considered ugly until you are 16. When you are 16 you have an operation to make you pretty. Tally is nearly 16 and can’t wait for her birthday and all goes well until her friend decides she doesn’t want to change and runs away”. Jasmine really liked this book because it was well written and had heaps of exciting parts. She will borrow the rest of the series from the library and we will hopefully buy them for the school library. Definitely  one for year 7/8 and up.



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