The Midnight Gang by David Walliams – new book in the library

midnight-gangIf you are expecting a strong line up of characters, some good, some bad and some hilarious goings on and catastrophic problems to overcome then you won’t be disappointed. If you are a fan of David Walliams books then you will love this book, and if you are not then why not????

The Midnight Gang is a group of children who, like most children at midnight, should be asleep. But that is when they make their dreams come true and if you are in hospital under the watchful eyes of a bullying matron then midnight is really the only time to do it.

Amber, in the wheelchair, is the self-proclaimed leader of the gang. Her dreams of becoming a world famous explorer are unlikely to happen right now as she currently has two broken arms and two broken legs.

Tom is the new boy. He hurt his head playing cricket at school and is determined not to go back while there are adventures to be had.

George has had his tonsils out. He likes eating sweets. He is Raj the shop owner’s best customer. He would like to fly before he goes home.

Robyn is recovering from an operation to save his eyesight and while he can’t see his dreams right now, he can imagine himself as a great composer.

Sally is really very ill. She doesn’t go on adventures because she is usually too weak but she loves to hear all about them and her quick wit can sometimes get the others out of trouble.

Of course there are a few adult characters who we either love or hate and this hospital is not somewhere you would want to be left at for any period of time at all. Read this book, it is funny and you will enjoy it.

If your parents are on Facebook then you could ask them to like the World of David Walliams page – there are videos on there of David reading some of his books and also some opportunities to join in. This weekend there is a live streaming of a Midnight Gang show on Facebook which might be a bit late for you to watch but you can post questions for him.

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