Skulduggery Pleasant – Jasmine and Samantha loved it!

Jasmine and Samantha have enjoyed starting this series of books for Book Club this term and here is what they told the other year 7 and 8s about it:

Skulduggery Pleasant is an amazing book filled with magic. I really enjoyed the book because it’s magical and well written with a little bit of danger around every corner. I really loved this book and can’t wait to read the next one. Even though the main character is a girl I think both boys and girls could read it. Most of you would love it.

I agree with Jasmine, there is a bit of danger in this book, in fact it is kind of a thriller. Stephanie and Skulduggery’s adventures never end even when they are close to death. There is magic everywhere in this book, magic that turns you to stone or throwing a small fire ball. It is always exciting.
Please read Skulduggery Pleasant. I should know, I’m on the third book!

The Skulduggery series is in our library. Borrow or reserve it today!


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