Oliver’s great review of the Gone series

This term Oliver continued reading the second book of the Gone series and the Room 5 book club enjoyed his weekly updates about the weird goings on that got steadily weirder as the book went on. Part of the role of being in book club is to find books that other students will like and encourage others to read them. Oliver put together this thoughtful summary which he presented to all of Room 5:

This term at book club I have been reading the Gone series. These books contain suspense and unique characters with their own perspectives that will hook you in for hours.

Gone is set in a small town in California, Perido Beach, which is by the sea and has a nuclear power plant at the centre of the town.

In a blink of an eye everyone over the age of 15 disappears leaving children behind in a massive dome. These children must survive and make their own rules and live by them. To make this job harder, some kids have strange and mysterious powers like shooting green light out of your hands and running faster than a speeding bullet. To make it even harder a gang is taking control of the town.

Sam Temple is 14 and his birthday is in about a week. No one knows what will happen when he turns 15, his friends are doing everything they can to find out what happens.

I really enjoyed this book because every chapter starts with a new perspective of a character and the suspense keeps me going right to the end.

I would recommend Gone for year 7/8s and to people who would enjoy a long book.


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