Brilliant Books to Read Together

In these You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You books, traditional tales have been transformed into little mini plays which children can read together or with a parent or teacher.

I’m the Princess!
I’m the Pea!
Look at me!
No, look at me!
Pea, you made me
black and blue
I am flat
Because of you

Each story gives an alternative take on the original, with both readers joining together at the end. “The Very Short Fairy Tales – in which wolves are tamed, trolls are transformed and peas are triumphant.”

These books give children the chance to read aloud which is great for beginning readers to hear the words spoken and recognise rhyme and rhythm to build fluency, but also to build confidence in older readers, for whom reading aloud can be a terrifying prospect. Today Room 3 read them as a whole group, with the boys being Peter Pumpkin Eater and the girls his wife. These are just really good fun for a wide variety of ages and can be borrowed or reserved from the school library.


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