The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Some of our Room 4 book club students are reading Brian Selznick’s books this term and we are LOVING them! Brian has used his incredible gift for drawing to write a story which moves swiftly along using both words and pictures, so much so that even the most reluctant reader can enjoy how easily they can advance through the story.

People reviewing this book use words such as spellbinding, artful, stunning and describe the book as a true masterpiece. The year 5/6 students and I reading this book completely agree. The story follows a young boy living behind the scenes at a Paris train station who becomes obsessed with a mechanical man that his father rescued from a burning building. The plot uncovers some details about the life of one of the earliest film makers, Georges Melies, and here you can see some of the very first cinema film that the book refers to.

Wonderstruck is another fabulous creation, this time following two separate stories throughout the book in the same amazing style of words and pictures. Click here to find a short video clip of the author introducing his book.

Because we are loving these books so much we will be buying Marvels for the library this term with some of the proceeds from the Book Fair. We very much look forward to reading it!

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