Fabulous outfits at Dress Up Day for Book Week

AWESOME outfits everybody for Dress Up day today!!!! We loved the effort that everybody went to to make a wonderful day for Book Week. Mr Brown will be putting more photos up on Facebook. Here’s one more of a vey camera shy Frog Prince


Thanks to the very generous support of our parents at Beaconsfield the Book Fair is going well and will result in some great new books for the library. There is one more chance to get your name in the draw for the Blog prize:

Wednesday’s Question

Tell us a book you have read recently that you have enjoyed and think others would like to read. Easy question!

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10 Responses to Fabulous outfits at Dress Up Day for Book Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Charley Ensor says Pine Valley ponies, lots of humour and tells you how to never give up


  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked the series of horse books that I have read recently. I think people who are interested in horse books would like these books.The horse book series is called Diamond Spirit.They are very entertaining!!! savannah!! room 5


  3. Jack P says:

    Jacky Ha Ha
    It was a great book to read I highly recommend
    Jack Parry room 3


  4. Lucy p says:

    The girl who rode the wind by Stacey Gregg because it was exciting story and I couldn’t put the book down
    Lucy P room 4


  5. Anonymous says:

    Cooper D Room 3 – Johnny Danger Lie Another Day 😄


  6. Anonymous says:

    Zoe D Room 2 – Billie B Brown The Cutest Pet Ever 😄


  7. Anonymous says:

    The 26 story tree house


  8. Lucy D says:

    Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
    I love how the book tells two stories, one with words, the other with pictures!
    There is no slow parts in this book!
    Lucy D Rm4


  9. Tom D says:

    Awful Auntie by David Williams
    It keeps you interested and is very funny! I would not like an Auntie like Aunt Alberta!
    Tom D Rm3


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