The Book Fair is here this week!!



Remember this visitor we had last year at the Book Fair? We will have to wait and see who we have visiting us this year!

There will be a dress up day on Wednesday to celebrate Book Week and there will be prizes from the Book Fair for our favourites. Students can come and look at the books from Tuesday to Thursday and we will be open during the parent-teacher conferences from 3-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday night. On Wednesday and Thursday we will be open from 8.30am.

There are other chances to win prizes if you read these blog posts, answer the question and place your answer with your first name, last initial and room number in the comments box. The answers can all be found here on the Library Blog and it’s up to you to have a look around the blog to find them! Correct answers will be published in the comments next day and a new question posted for more chances – enter every day for more entries in the draw!

Monday’s Question

Name one of the blogs that we follow.
(Hint – look to the right of the page, you can see them there! Click on them to have a look, these people review great books that you might like to read)

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11 Responses to The Book Fair is here this week!!

  1. Olivia Hartnett says:

    Olivia hartnett room 4 my best friends are books


  2. Do all Lucy’s love reading??! Lucy and Tom J also in the draw. Look out for tomorrow’s question everyone.
    Any parents doing their late night browsing can enter their children too!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bobs Books Blog – Lucy & Tom J rooms 1&2


  4. Well done Lucy and Tom D and Lucy and Jack P! You will be entered into the draw!


  5. Jack P says:

    Children’s war books
    Jack P room 3


  6. Lucy P says:

    My best friends are books
    Lucy P room 4


  7. Anonymous says:

    Children’s war books. Tom D Rm3


  8. Anonymous says:

    Bobs books blog Lucy D room 4


  9. Thank you Zoe and Cooper, you are the first to comment and enter the draw! I will approve your correct comments in the morning when everyone has had a chance to enter tonight and before I post a second question. Well done both of you! Mrs Bamber


  10. Anonymous says:

    Cooper D Room 3 – Bobs Books Blog


  11. Anonymous says:

    Zoe D Room 2 – Reading Warrior


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