Room 5 Book Clubbers review their Term 2 books

Room 5 June 2016

All of these books are available from the school library. The Book Clubbers were asked the following questions to try to help them explain how they felt about the books they read in term 2. Find out what they thought and, if you like the sound of them, all of these books are available from the school (and town) library.
Describe briefly what your book is about – where is it set and what is happening?
What did this book make you think about and could you imagine yourself in the position of the main characters? What questions did it raise for you?
Explain why you enjoyed the book or not. Who would you recommend this book to?

Ronnie’s War – Oliver’s Review
Ronnie’s dad is in the war and his neighbourhood is being bombed by the Germans. Ronnie is sent to a foster home.
I could imagine myself in this situation and I would be terrified.
I liked this book because it has a good setting and great characters. I would recommend this book to year 7 and 8s.

Ronnie’s War – Ethan’s Review
Ronnie’s dad is at war and he is being moved to a new school and home.
I would not like to be in his position.
It was an alright book, probably not the kind of book I would normally choose.

Once – Isabel’s Review
An 8 year old boy runs away from an orphanage to find his parents but the Nazis are killing the Jews and he is with a friend going to a death camp.
I wanted to know how the Nazis knew if someone was Jewish or not.
I would recommend this book to all year 7 and 8s.

Now – Amy’s Review
This book is about Zelda and her Grandad Felix that has been through the war. Felix had a friend called Zelda that got killed in the war. The book is set in Australia.
This book made me think about all the innocent people that got captured and killed by Nazis. If I was in Felix’s position I would be scared.
I wondered why did the Nazis kill the Jewish people?
I really enjoyed this book because it is quite detailed. I would recommend this book to people who like reading about the war and detailed books.

Now – Sophie’s Review
Felix tells his granddaughter Zelda how scary his childhood was. Felix told Zelda that he had a best friend called Zelda. There is a huge fire and it ruins the town. Zelda helps people to survive.
If I was him or her I would be scared and worried and miss my family.
I really liked this book. I think anyone who has read all of the Once and Then books should read it. Year 7 and 8 students would like it.

The boy at the top of the mountain – Emilie’s Review
In Paris a little boy named Pierrot has a father who went to war and had drinking problems and abused his wife and left them. His mother gets sick and passes away and so Pierrot goes to live with his aunt in Hitler’s mountain residence.
This book has many different emotions. In it there are lots of sad parts but some parts are happy. This book definitely had me thinking about if I was in this little boy’s position.
I would recommend this book to people who like reading about the war and history. This book is more for seniors and people who like books about history.

A time for war – Adam’s Review
Some people have been made to go to war.
I would be scared if I was the main character.
I would recommend this book to people who like action books.

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