Hugo presents David Walliams’ Grandpa’s Great Escape


Hugo loves reading David Walliams books and so at Book Club we practised ways of telling others about the books we love to make them also want to read them. Here is what Hugo said about this book:

Close your eyes

Imagine if your Grandad was arrested and taken to Scotland Yard to be questioned by police.

Now imagine he was stuck in an Old People’s Home called Twilight Towers with a horrible mean matron called Miss Swine.

Open your Eyes

I love Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams because it is really funny.

My favourite part is where there are two detectives.  One detective is called Kimbelly Bone.  The other detective keeps calling him Kimbelly.  Kimbelly says “please don’t call me Kimbelly”.  He wants to be called Detective Bone.  Then the other Detective says “sorry Kimbelly I will never call you Kimbelly again Kimbelly”.

I think you all should read Grandpa’s Great Escape or another David Walliams book.

Well done Hugo!

We of course have all of these books in the library for you to borrow. If you also love David Walliams books, or haven’t tried them yet and want to know more, try visiting this website, The World of David Walliams. It tells you all about his books, you can listen to David himself reading extracts from his books and you can even sign up to receive special notifications and have access to more fun stuff.

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