Room 3 have some new book club members

This term some different students from Room 3 will be joining book club. Here is a photo of them at our first meeting:

Room 3 book club june 2016I knew we were going to get along wonderfully because at the very start the two Rileys suggested a cup of tea was needed for us to really enjoy talking about books together. You will do for me!

Saoirse joined us for this first meeting so that she could share with the new members what we liked about book club (talking about books) and how we brought our favourite books from home to share within the group. Jack had also talked about Gold of the Gods, the first of the series of Bear Grylls adventure books – in Book Club we prepare ourselves to share great books with the rest of Room 3 because other students might also like to read the books that we love. Jack did a brilliant job, asking Room 3 to close their eyes while he described a tense situation in the jungle. I know these books will be very popular.

We read Saoirse’s book from home, King Pig, and this raised the issue of being sorry and showing remorse. King Pig is quite horrible to his woolly subjects and can’t understand why nobody likes him. When it finally dawns on him how horrible he has been, he shows remorse by doing a nice thing for them. The sheep accept this as a good way to get back in their good books, but long term kindness is required!

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