Room 4 Book Club – look at all of these keen readers!

room 4 book club may 2016Room 4 has 14 students in book club this term and the theme is the Second World War. In these books we are following characters from New Zealand, Great Britain and Europe, and they face some difficult and dangerous journeys. We have just started the books but already some great discussion points came up, about why Hitler was so bad to the Jewish people, what it was like to live in a city that was being bombed, and seeing war stories through the eyes of older people who remember them.

One page I found quite amazing that we talked about today was a website from the American Holocaust Memorial Museum in which Jewish children who survived the war were alone and looking for any surviving members of their families when the war ended. Here is the link – take a look at some of the true stories of children bravely battling through and going on to lead happy lives.

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