Year 5 Book Club get busy recommending books for younger readers

At our last book club meeting for Term 1, our keen year 5 book clubbers set about looking for books that our students in years 2-4 might enjoy if they are looking for chapter books. We set up these great displays ready for the Room 2 library session. Thanks partly to some amazing support from our PTA over the last couple of years we have a really great selection of junior series and chapter books in our Quick Reads section.

This all started because Ashlee had prepared some great posters for the Rainbow Fairy books which she has been hunting out for Caitlin. We agreed that the Rainbow Fairy books are great for (mainly girls) students in years 2-4 who like to read quite simple stories quickly and enjoy the feeling of finishing chapter books. These books feature two girls who have made friends with the Rainbow Fairies and in every book there is a problem to overcome. There are many different types of fairies who all have their own particular strengths – and weaknesses which make them vulnerable to Jack Frost and his unpleasant goblin friends.

Here is Ashlee surrounded by some of our collection of Rainbow Fairy books. Ashlee did some digging into the author, Daisy Meadows, and found that Daisy Meadows is a name used for a number of different authors who actually write these books. She found that Narinda Dhami and Sue Mongredien wrote many of them and if you look inside the front cover you will always find a “special thanks to ……” and this is the actual author of the book. Interesting eh?!

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