Saoirse shares The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp

Saoirse enjoyed reading this book so much that she brought it to book club for us to read together.

Imagine if you were a princess, waiting for a prince to arrive to make your life more interesting, only when he did finally turn up you found that he didn’t want to include you in all of the fun stuff that princes get up to and you were instead expected to wait at home looking pretty?

Here you can find a Utube recording of the start of the book so you can see what it is all about.

Saoirse drew this wonderfully detailed picture of the princess, the prince and the dragon. She liked the fact that Princess Sue likes to have the kind of fun that princes have like playing with dragons, whereas she found the Prince was just royal and posh.

The other students in the book club agreed that this book tells us that life can be all about having adventures and that girls can do anything! Jack made sure to say that of course boys can too! This is a great picture book for girls to read and feel empowered to have a go at anything!

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