Brian Falkner, Author, visits Beaconsfield

We were incredibly lucky last week to have Brian Falkner visit our school. Brian has written and published many books and he talked to our Year 4-8 students about having this dream of becoming a writer since the age of 12 and realising it 30 years later with his first book, Henry and the Flea. He shared a few stories from his childhood and explained and read aloud from his books about how he used his experiences in his stories. We especially liked the story of the wasp’s nest in the tree stump on his way home from school. By remembering these events Brian was able to recall how he felt at the time and use these emotions to draw the reader in. In book club afterwards we talked about how sometimes we can remember a time when we were really scared for example and could use this memory to make a piece of writing really believable.

Our students especially remember from his visit to ask the question What if??? and also that you only need a small change to a situation or a few words to have an idea for a story.

For example, in his book Super Freak he asks what would happen if the main character could make someone change their actions just by thinking really hard at them and telling them what to do by thought. In a similar situation with a horrible teacher from his childhood this would have saved him a lot of trouble!

Our senior book club students were lucky enough to host Brian for lunch and he used this time to ask us all about the books we were reading at the moment, and even answered some questions about the books of his that we had been reading. We are hopeful that he meant it when he said the idea of a prequel to Northwood was not an impossibility! How amazing would that be??!!

You can learn more about Brian Falkner and his books by clicking on this link. We have many of his books in the library and we treasure the opportunity we had to meet him.

Brian Falkner with Book Club students


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