Room 3 talk about some great books

Look at our great Room 3 Book Club students being very enthusiastic about the books they have been reading!

Saoirse brought a great book from home called See under the Sea, and like the other books in the collection, it contains a huge number of facts and really colourful pictures with flaps that hide further facts and information. We have books in the library which can take some of these areas of interest further, such as diving around shipwrecks, Titanic, and underwater creatures.

Emily talked about one of her favourite series of books The Rescue Princesses, and explained that each book focuses on one of the princesses shown inside the front cover. The princesses have different powers and characters and this makes the books fun to read. This book had a conservation theme because here the princesses are trying to stop the destruction of the habitat of the rare snow leopard that lives in the kingdom.

These books are written by this lady, Paula Harrison, who wanted to be a writer from a very young age and was a primary school teacher first. If you click on here you can find the whole list of Rescue Princesses books. We have a few in the library that you can borrow.


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