Year 5 Book Club sharing some great books

This group of enthusiastic readers from Room 4 are willing to talk about their favourite books, so much so that the time flies all too quickly and we have to save some for the next session.

Lucy absolutely LOVES The Girl who rode the Wind and her fellow horse enthusiast Olivia will hope to be the first one to read it when we buy it for the school library. We have more books by the same author Stacey Gregg in the library.

Olivia and Ashlee enjoyed reading and having read to them a series of books about Harry the Poisonous Centipede, and again these look like books our year 1-4 students would enjoy.

Max is our expert Percy Jackson fan, and is now working his way through the second series Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus, which he finds exciting and at times a little scary. Percy Jackson has the Greek God of the Seas for a father and while this gives him special powers, it also makes him a target for legendary monsters. This series can be enjoyed by boys and girls from about year 4.

Jack brought The Waterhole by Graeme Base to share with us because this is one of his favourite books from home. He loves the detailed artwork in this book as we find out the huge variety of creatures who suffer when their supply of water slowly fades away. This book inspired Jack to draw pictures like the ones he saw in the book. We have several books by this author/illustrator in our Graphics collection in the school library.

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1 Response to Year 5 Book Club sharing some great books

  1. Looks like you have a wonderful group there. Happy reading!


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