Room 5 Bookclub go Brainwave Crazy

Amy, Samantha, Jasmine and Oliver are reading two of Brian Falkner’s books, Brainjack and The Tomorrow Code. Both are exciting books about teenagers dealing with pretty big picture problems, namely the taking over of mankind by computers and the potential wipeout of entire populations! A bit bigger than worrying about homework or whether your friends will like your new hairdo.

Our discussions about Brainjack led us to investigate whether there are actually products you can buy that can use your brainwaves to control computers or other motion related activities, and we were quite amazed by what we found simply by typing “brainwave computer control” into our search engine. Check out this link that took our attention:

8 Mind-blowing Gadgets you can control Just With Your Brain!

We particularly liked the attachable tail that wags when you are happy!!!! Not sure about the idea of sending text messages to people just by thinking about them – could be a bit embarrassing!

Room 5's Bookclub members

Room 5’s Bookclub members

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