Year 6 Book Club Enthusiasm

Book Club fever has hit Beaconsfield, and these keen readers from Room 4 are really making it work with their enthusiasm for the books they are reading. Brian Falkner is a New Zealand author who has written many books for children and young adults, published world wide and we are lucky to expect a visit from him towards the end of term. We are loving these two books which are full of imagination and intriguing characters.

Northwood reminds the girls of the film Up because the main character Cecilia Undergarment lives in a balloon-shaped house and part of it is lifted away when the nasty Mr Procter attacks it with a bulldozer.

Maddy and the Tongue Taker is very different too, about a girl with an unusual gift of being able to speak and understand any language. She is asked to use this gift to decipher some ancient scrolls and without knowing it this leads her into adventure.

Our bookclub girls Zoe, Eva, Olivia S, Lucy D and Rachel find Brian Falkner’s books easy to read, with some harder words that they can work out if they need to, and funny.

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