Now by Morris Gleitzman – new book and series for the library

Once I didn’t know about my grandfather Felix’s scary childhood. Then I found out what the Nazis did to his best friend Zelda. Now I understand why Felix does the things he does.

Now is the third book in a series by Morris Gleitzman following the tale of Felix, a Jewish boy growing up in Poland during the Second World War. In Now, we meet Zelda, who lives with her Grandad Felix in Australia and as she deals with issues of her own and fights for her life in a terrible bush fire, she starts to learn something of her Grandad’s life.

You don’t have to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this one, but we now have those books in the library too.  They are Once, Then and After, with Soon to follow. They tell Felix’s story and although they are works of fiction, they are based on real events that happened to Jewish children all over Europe at that time and are not easy to read about. They are however filled with love, kindness and incredible bravery. Many people risked their own lives to shelter these children and the author of these books used real life examples to help him write them. Here is a link to his website where he talks about some of the reading he did to make his stories better.

Now is a great read for year 5-8 students, while the other books in the series are more suitable for year 7/8s.

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