Junior classes enjoy new book The Day the Crayons Quit

In the library this week we started reading this great new book together. When a boy Duncan goes to get his crayons out, he finds instead a number of letters addressed to him from all of the colours in his crayon box. Some of them are really steamed up about the way he has been using them! Red is sick of being used for everything all year, Mr Grey is worn out from all of the huge animals he has to colour in, and poor old White just feels empty. Don’t even ask about Light Brown, er sorry, I mean Beige.

Why would a crayon quit? we asked ourselves! Here are some of the ideas Rooms 1-3 had:

They might have a sore back from being upright all the time

They feel sick from being upside down all the time.

When they are used a lot they get worn down and killed.

Their heads might come off.

They might get snapped or get chucked around and lost.

We started reading letters from some of the colours in Duncan’s crayon box. How might we help these crayons? Buying a second set is one idea to give some of the crayons a break, and maybe finding something more interesting than wheat for Beige to colour in, like a rowing boat and oars or better still a nice sandy beach.

Next week we might find out what is getting Blue and Green so worked up!

Here is a photo of Room 1 enjoying the new reading corner.


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