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We are so lucky to have such a colourful, spacious Library full of all the kinds of books you will love.  Don’t forget the Library is open at lunch times so if you forget your books on your class visit day, want another book,  do some research or need some quiet time with a good book then pop into the Library from 12.45pm any day but Thursday.   If you would like to reserve a book click on the Our Library Catalogue link on this page –  just remember you will need to know your Library card number.


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Book Club visits to Timaru District Library

At the start of this term our senior room book clubs took a trip to the Children’s and Teen’s library in Timaru to find some great books to recommend for others to read and potentially for us to buy for the school library. There is an extensive collection at these libraries and we had the great help of Children’s Librarian Jade whose vast knowledge gave us the impression she had read every book in there!

Here are some of the books that our readers recommend:

Hamish (9) loved the Willard Price Adventure Series by Anthony Horowitz. He read Tiger Adventure in which Roger and Hal are trying to catch animals to send to zoos. There are many books in the Willard Price series and Hamish is keen to read more because they are about animals and are exciting. He recommends them for year 4 and up. We currently have Arctic Adventure at school and will hopefully buy more of them.

Leo (10) started reading the Rangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan. These are about a boy who lives in kingdom where he wants to get into battle school and has to learn lots of new skills such as fighting and hunting. Leo found it really exciting and kept reading because he wanted to know what happened. He recommends this series for boys and girls in years 4-8.

Max (10) read The Impossible Quest by Kate Forsyth. “There are two girls and two boys and the two boys don’t get along. They are on a quest to find creatures and are being chased by an evil army”. Max loved the adventure and running and thinks students in years 3 and up will enjoy them.

Kelsey-Anne (10) enjoyed reading Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Mah and wanted to find a book by the same author which delved deeper into Chinese history. China: Land of emperors and dragons fitted the brief perfectly. Kelsey-Anne enjoyed the quite graphic nature of the descriptions and found the development of the different dynasties very interesting. She recommends this book to age 10+.

Lucy Devries (11) enjoyed the theme of World War 2 which Book Club focused on earlier this year and found a great book to further her interest. The autobiographical No Pretty Pictures tells the childhood stories of artist and designer Anita Lobel who was a little girl living in Poland when the war began. Lucy found it to be a sad story but kept reading because she wanted to find out how they managed to survive through the hard war years. Lucy thinks girls and boys of age 11+ who enjoy reading war survival stories would enjoy this book.

Zoe (11) really enjoyed a teen quick read called Under Attack by Jim Eldridge. He has written some great adventure books about soldiers and wartime and this one is part of a series which they have at the library. “The main characters have to save a little girl and boy who have been shot”. Zoe loved the detail and description about what was happening and thinks these books are suitable for year 3 up.

Jasmine Blissett (12) recommends the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield which the Timaru Teen section has in its collection. “In this book you are considered ugly until you are 16. When you are 16 you have an operation to make you pretty. Tally is nearly 16 and can’t wait for her birthday and all goes well until her friend decides she doesn’t want to change and runs away”. Jasmine really liked this book because it was well written and had heaps of exciting parts. She will borrow the rest of the series from the library and we will hopefully buy them for the school library. Definitely  one for year 7/8 and up.



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Adam models a fab prize for Timmy Failure fans

Ever since Adam wrote “the Timmy Failure books” in our library request book they have become a must-buy every time a new one comes out. This time we were lucky enough to win a copy from my favourite book blogger “My Best Friends are Books”. A link to this blog is always on the right of our blog under “Blogs I follow” but to make it easy for you here is a link right here. There is a word cloud you can click on to find information about books you might be interested in. This blogger is New Zealand based.

Anyway, back to this cool prize that Adam is modelling! Anyone who likes the Timmy Failure books, or thinks they might like them, can enter a competition to win these sunglasses or the keyring simply by commenting below telling us what has been their favourite book they have borrowed from the library this year. (To comment just go all the way to the bottom of this screen until you see a comments box). The winner will be announced at the end of Week 9.

These books are a great combination of words and cartoons and have brilliant funny characters that Timmy invariably finds fault with. If you have enjoyed the Wimpy Kid series or Tom Gates you will like these, so enter the competition because the lucky winner also gets to read this new book first (well, second, after Adam). If you can’t wait to find out about Timmy and friends then come and borrow one of his other books, I found them all in the library today.

Take a look at the author’s website for videos, character profiles and more book talk. Click here to go straight to it.



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Old favourites still being enjoyed – Little House series

Zoe and Kelsey-Anne decided to create an impromptu display today about this series of books that they love – The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura grew up at the end of the 19th century in America, at a time when the European settlers were moving into New Zealand, when many people like Laura and her parents were moving across America looking for new opportunities. This series tells of her life, often in transit, when her father would bundle them all up into their wagons, find a new place to live and set about building a new house for them all to live in. The first, Little House in the Big Woods is one of my most read books as a young girl, only this series is better because they are all illustrated all the way through.

Here some of them are – we have all 9 in the library and the girls recommend them for years 5-6 but students in years 3 and 4 will also like them. There are even a couple of them that will appeal to boys! Here is also an image of Laura (on the right) with her two sisters. I found out lots of information about Laura on the Biography in Context database and the Books and Authors database on the Research Help page on the library blog. These databases are accessible at school or at home if you have the password.

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Do you really want to eat a child?

croc-picToday in the library Room 1 enjoyed this book from Timaru Library, I really want to eat a child. Achilles is a young baby crocodile and his parents are very worried because he has decided that he no longer wants to eat bananas, he REALLY WANTS TO EAT A CHILD!

They try everything to talk him out of it, but imagine what happens when he finally comes across a vulnerable child by the river!!! What will he do? Will he finally achieve his dream?? We were quite excited to find out. Here is Room 1 showing us their sharp child-eating crocodile teeth!


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The Midnight Gang by David Walliams – new book in the library

midnight-gangIf you are expecting a strong line up of characters, some good, some bad and some hilarious goings on and catastrophic problems to overcome then you won’t be disappointed. If you are a fan of David Walliams books then you will love this book, and if you are not then why not????

The Midnight Gang is a group of children who, like most children at midnight, should be asleep. But that is when they make their dreams come true and if you are in hospital under the watchful eyes of a bullying matron then midnight is really the only time to do it.

Amber, in the wheelchair, is the self-proclaimed leader of the gang. Her dreams of becoming a world famous explorer are unlikely to happen right now as she currently has two broken arms and two broken legs.

Tom is the new boy. He hurt his head playing cricket at school and is determined not to go back while there are adventures to be had.

George has had his tonsils out. He likes eating sweets. He is Raj the shop owner’s best customer. He would like to fly before he goes home.

Robyn is recovering from an operation to save his eyesight and while he can’t see his dreams right now, he can imagine himself as a great composer.

Sally is really very ill. She doesn’t go on adventures because she is usually too weak but she loves to hear all about them and her quick wit can sometimes get the others out of trouble.

Of course there are a few adult characters who we either love or hate and this hospital is not somewhere you would want to be left at for any period of time at all. Read this book, it is funny and you will enjoy it.

If your parents are on Facebook then you could ask them to like the World of David Walliams page – there are videos on there of David reading some of his books and also some opportunities to join in. This weekend there is a live streaming of a Midnight Gang show on Facebook which might be a bit late for you to watch but you can post questions for him.

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Beaconsfield represented at South Canterbury Book Quiz

This afternoon after school at Bluestone School Hall there was some serious reading knowledge on display as 4 teams from Beaconsfield battled it out with 30 other teams from schools from all over the district, from Waimate over to Fairlie. There were 7 rounds altogether, on subjects such as NZ Authors, Classics, Families, Animals and Pets, and including the nerve-testing Who am I? round where points diminish the more clues you need to find the answer (all of our teams got 4/5 on that, it was Roald Dahl).

Our teams showed great team spirit and appeared to have fun representing Beaconsfield (I will ask them more about that next week!). They did really well, answering some tough questions, and although we did not get any placings we can be proud of their efforts. The Beaconsfield 2 Year 7/8 team deserve a special mention for coming 4th out of the 19 teams in their section. Well done all of you! Thank you also to your parents for getting you there and home again.


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Skulduggery Pleasant – Jasmine and Samantha loved it!

Jasmine and Samantha have enjoyed starting this series of books for Book Club this term and here is what they told the other year 7 and 8s about it:

Skulduggery Pleasant is an amazing book filled with magic. I really enjoyed the book because it’s magical and well written with a little bit of danger around every corner. I really loved this book and can’t wait to read the next one. Even though the main character is a girl I think both boys and girls could read it. Most of you would love it.

I agree with Jasmine, there is a bit of danger in this book, in fact it is kind of a thriller. Stephanie and Skulduggery’s adventures never end even when they are close to death. There is magic everywhere in this book, magic that turns you to stone or throwing a small fire ball. It is always exciting.
Please read Skulduggery Pleasant. I should know, I’m on the third book!

The Skulduggery series is in our library. Borrow or reserve it today!


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Oliver’s great review of the Gone series

This term Oliver continued reading the second book of the Gone series and the Room 5 book club enjoyed his weekly updates about the weird goings on that got steadily weirder as the book went on. Part of the role of being in book club is to find books that other students will like and encourage others to read them. Oliver put together this thoughtful summary which he presented to all of Room 5:

This term at book club I have been reading the Gone series. These books contain suspense and unique characters with their own perspectives that will hook you in for hours.

Gone is set in a small town in California, Perido Beach, which is by the sea and has a nuclear power plant at the centre of the town.

In a blink of an eye everyone over the age of 15 disappears leaving children behind in a massive dome. These children must survive and make their own rules and live by them. To make this job harder, some kids have strange and mysterious powers like shooting green light out of your hands and running faster than a speeding bullet. To make it even harder a gang is taking control of the town.

Sam Temple is 14 and his birthday is in about a week. No one knows what will happen when he turns 15, his friends are doing everything they can to find out what happens.

I really enjoyed this book because every chapter starts with a new perspective of a character and the suspense keeps me going right to the end.

I would recommend Gone for year 7/8s and to people who would enjoy a long book.


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Room 2 show how to celebrate Roald Dahl 100 in style

We have been celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl this term and Room 2 have really entered into the spirit of the whole thing. They read The Twits as a class and have been borrowing all of our library stock to read at home, plus hearing extracts from Matilda and The BFG and doing lots of fun activities.

Today everyone wore their very cool party hats and we had a great time dancing to the Oompa Loompas before playing Boggis, Bunce and Bean outside (think Fantastic Mr Fox) ….

finding the jelly snakes amongst the worms (think The Twits)…

and then lining up very patiently for the yummiest food EVER provided very kindly by our wonderful parents.

A brilliant way to celebrate a brilliant author.

For all of our happy Roald Dahl fanatics, the public library in Timaru is also having a Roald Dahl themed holiday programme, with storytime and crafts on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.30 – 11.30 and a dress up competition at 2pm on the last Friday of the holidays. Judging from our own dress up day this term I feel sure that there are some of you who will leap to that challenge! You don’t have to be a member of the library to take part but if you haven’t been before, why not take the opportunity to join up? Ask your parents to take along some ID and proof of address and you should be able to join up. Then you can borrow some books and magazines from their amazing collection, eg they have lots of Roald Dahl on audio books which are perfect for long holiday car journeys. Take care these holidays and come back safe next term.




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